Who's That Girl?

Miss Marina Elaine is an internationally published model known for her big blue eyes, shy yet sassy demeanor, and endless seamed stocking covered legs.

She began modeling in 2013, and has since graced the pages of numerous print magazines, as well as frequent features on various pinup and alternative style websites for her modeling career and for her vintage clothing collection.

The daughter of a family dedicated to restoring classic cars, she grew up listening to Buddy Holly and was picked up from school every day in a 1941 Chevrolet, a 1939 Ford fire truck, and a 1955 Chevy…to name a few. Raised on Old Hollywood movies, she longed to be in black and white from a very young age.

Her Etsy shop, Bygone Era Vintage, came about in 2012 when Marina started to part with her largely accumulated vintage collection. She has discovered, repaired, and sold countless items from the 1800s until the late 1960s, making many new friends (and buying too many new dresses!) along the way.

When not working her day job, Marina frequents classic car shows and auctions, as well as the local rockabilly and punk music scenes.

Once the sun goes down, you can catch her shimmying, shaking, and sparkling across the stage as one of South Florida’s newest faces in the burlesque community.

Known for always having a dahlia in her hair and red lipstick on, Miss Marina Elaine is a true old soul that is dedicated to living a full vintage lifestyle!